There are many companies where you can get the job if you have basic qualification i.e., class 12th. Neither I will charge you any fee nor the company, its totally free. If you are interested in doing the private job then have a look on minimum qualification given below:
•12th pass from any board.
 •Can communicate in English.
If you have the above two qualifications then you can easily get job in the call center. There will be eight hours of complete work in the comfort of AC hall.

Different company pays different salary but the minimum salary is more than rupees 8,000 per month. In the call center you may get target based job in this you get salary + incentives.

This is the sector where you get promoted very fast. If you work honestly you will promoted after 6 months or 1 year of joining. Generally you will be recruited as an executive in the call center. Promotions are below. 1st: Executive or senior executive (8,000+) 2nd: Floor Team Leader(15,000+) 3rd: Floor Assistant Manager(35,000+)[Graduation is required] 4th: Floor Manager(45000+)[Graduation is required] and so on.

How to get the job: 
  • Choose the city and company where you want to do the job.
  •  Go to the address of the company with your resume and your documents.
  • Crack the interview. That's it.

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